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Publication Principles

1.  DEJ is an international refereed journal that is published electronically at least twice a year, in January and August.

2.  Scientific and original articles that are directly or indirectly related to economics, business, public administration, finance, econometrics, labor economics, law and political science can be submitted to the journal.

3.  Articles submitted to be published in the journal must not had been published elsewhere or sent for publication.

4.  Articles should be written in Turkish or English.

5.  After registering to the e-journal system (www.duzceiktisatdergisi.com), articles should be prepared in accordance with spelling rules and uploaded to the system in full, including references (see Author Guidelines).

6.  In case of existing too many spelling mistakes in the article, and/or in case the article is considered that not sufficiently fulfilling scientific requirements, it will be rejected.

7.   Articles submitted to be published in the journal first go through the preliminary evaluation of Editorial Commission. It is then sent to at least two referees for review in terms of content and form. The authors are not informed about the identities of the referees who evaluate the article, and the referees are not informed about who the article belongs to (Double-Blind Peer Review Process).

8.  In line with the evaluation reports from the referees, it will be decided to publish the article, or to request a correction from the author or to reject the article.

9.  The opinions in the articles published in the journal are not the opinions of the journal or editors or refrees. All responsibility belongs to the author of the article.

10.  All rights of the articles published in the journal are reserved. It cannot be reproduced in any way without the name of the journal.

11.  No royalties are paid to the authors of the articles published in the journal. 

12.  Articles that do not comply with the publication principles will be rejected without including the referee evaluation process.

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